Gambling rules in the UK, India and New Zealand

All these countries allow online gambling, though with varying clarity. For instance, The Indian government doesn't allow the setting up of gambling parlours within its territory. It includes skill-based games in gambling, though. India's Public Gambling Act allows the states to set up lottery houses within their borders. Please continue reading this gambling guide.

What are the various Indian laws on gambling?

The Indian Information Technology Act is silent on online gambling. However, it punishes people from interacting with online sites that promote corruption, crime, hatred, etc. Thus, players need to check the backgrounds of their casinos before wagering money. Indian players also need to understand the implications of the Foreign Exchange Management Act.

  1. Online gambling should be enjoyed responsibly.

According to the FEMA, Indian players can't deposit funds on foreign websites in currencies other than Indian Rupees. Online casinos can however convert their Indian Rupees into other currencies. Nagaland grants licences to casinos that only have skill-based games. However, any Indian casino must be based in India to receive a Nagaland casino.

What about Goa and Sikkim gambling laws?

Goa allowed the setting up of gambling parlours way back in 1999. It allowed online gambling in the mid-2000s. Today, Goa has many gambling casinos that have to work according to the Central and Goa-specific laws. Sikkim has the most progressive gambling laws in India. It allowed gambling in the state in 2008.

The first land-based gambling casino came up in 2009, and Sikkim allowed online casinos to apply for licenses a few years later. Today, there are quite a few land-based casinos in Sikkim who target travellers from India to Nepal. Online gambling is illegal in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Tamil Nadu has also banned gambling online.

What are the gambling laws in New Zealand?

New Zealand has its own Gambling Commission that oversees the country's gambling activities. Under the country's laws, all the domestic gambling sites and parlours have to register with the New Zealand Gambling Commission. Offshore gambling sites are not regulated by the NZGC. However, you need to be at least 18 in order to gamble.

New Zealand's Gambling Act, 2003 controls gambling in various ways. For example, this law protects minors, and other vulnerable people from the harmful affects of gambling. Secondly, this Act encourages casinos to follow fair and responsible gambling practices. All online casinos are also expected to stop and report suspicious financing activities to the regulators.

What are some gambling laws in the United Kingdom?

Gambling laws of the United Kingdom are no different from those of New Zealand. You can gamble on any domestic or foreign online casino easily. All the U.K-based casinos are approved by the UK Gambling Commission based on a few rules. First, every casino must ensure fair and transparent play on its website.

  • Please never gamble online using public Wi-Fi.

Fair play means that all the online games have to work impartially. Secondly, online casinos must never harm children and other vulnerable sections of the society. All the UK-based online casinos allow only adults from opening their accounts. Any digression from this rule leads to that casinos' automatic suspension. Online casinos can't accept slush funds from their players.

What is responsible gambling?

All the three countries above promote responsible gaming? What does responsible gaming or gambling mean? First, you should never spend beyond your means. Create a viable bankroll, and stick to it. Never play for long hours, else you might get addicted to your game. Walk away from your game if you are losing continuously.

Players must understand that online gambling can never replace a regular job. Treat your betting activity as a recreational tool and nothing else. Since every online casino is commercial in nature, walk away from your slot, etc. once you have hit a winning streak. Your online casino will always win the long term.